Fixing a Leaking Sink Without a Plumber

I recently had a plumber over to fix a sink that’s been leaking for 3 or so months now. I decided that rather than mess around with it myself I’d get a plumber over and then learn the process through. I called a quality company – WP Services – and had them walk through the process.

Fixing a leaking sink without a plumber sounds like an implausible task, but with the help of our tips you can do it all by your self. Before you start you will need to shut off water under the sink and close the sink drain with the help of rags to catch dropping parts. Then if you want to avoid scratches tape your wrench with a layer of duck tape. Then you will need to find a place to put all parts in order of removal so you can put them back easily. Finally you will need to use distilled vinegar and soft scouring pad to remove mineral traces on faucet parts.

The next thing you will need to do is pay attention on drain plugs. These plugs on sink tend to loosen up over time. Then the water starts to leak but the good news is that you can fix this in a mature of minutes. You will need to look behind the sink to check out for the large retaining nut that secures horizontal pivot rod to the back of the vertical pipe. Then you will need to grab the nut with pliers and tighten it. If you did a good job sink will no longer be leaking. But if that doesn’t work you will need to do following steps for fixing a leaking sink without a plumber.

First you will need to clean your garbage disposal and this will prevent garbage disposal to turn on during the process. Then you will need to clear out everything under the sink so you can create some space to work. Then loosen the drain pipe that is connected to the sink. You can use penetrating oil to help loosen up. Then you will need to remove the nuts, but if you have an older installation that uses nuts and bolts then remove the nuts and push the bolts. Then lift out the flange and remove old rubbed gasket and use wire brush to clean the flange. Then use plumbers putty to the drain of the sink where it meets the flange. Place a new gasket and putt everything back to its place. Tighten the nuts and use an old rag to remove any excess putty that was left. Finally you can open faucet and check for any leaks. Hope with these tips we will save your money.

If you do decide to call a plumber, be sure to check out their reviews online before you call!